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rock art 001

I have been wanting to do this for so long! I am so grateful that one of my very good friends invited me over to decorate stones with her. I have been having great difficulties finishing much of anything, art-wise so I felt so good about these 2 little stone mandalas.

The one with the pink and gold flower I gave to a friend of mine who has terminal cancer. The other one I abandoned when I was finally able to go for a walk!

There is a river that goes through the back of our yard and as a consequence our block is quite big. Walking around our black with my husband is something I enjoy very much and have not been able to do lately. So I have been saving the little stone until I could put it near the bridge over the river. I knew this was where I wanted to abandon it for quite some time, ever since I was inspired to do this by Claudia McGill. Please check out the lovely little ladies that she shares with the world to spread joy and whimsy.

abandonded art 001

So here is the little stone in position.  Are here are some photos to provide you with the loveliness and whimsy of this little spot.

abandonded art 002abandonded art 003abandonded art 004

There is a large group of ducks that has been staying in this little park for quite a few years now and my husband and I love to watch them.  See how they waddle in a line? A neighbor has allowed them access to her vegetable garden and shrubs and these ducks seem to nest along the river and in her shrubs. In the upper right hand corner of the photo is where I left my rock.

This bridge is the main way to and from school for a lot of the children in our neighborhood elementary school. I love to think about one of them finding it on their way to or from school and I hope it brings delight to them. Just thinking about it is delightful to me.

Have a beautiful day.