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tissue layers 002

The tissue paper on these pages if from a Solstice party we attended. I also included some flames to represent a Solstice ceremony we participated in. However, the bulk of these pages have to do with my younger son’s return from college and the art pieces that have been accepted for a show at a gallery in Madison. They can be seen on my previous post. I have completed 2 more pieces in the series (well, almost) and I need to take them to the gallery tomorrow. So, I will see if she wants the 2 additional pieces, too. Tammy, the owner is also interested in my coloring page packets! Yipee! I’m really going to be focusing on my second set of pages in the next few weeks. There is a lot of gratitude chronicled on these pages, but it doesn’t really show up with all the layers of paint and paper. I really like how some of the images of a woman moving in circles shows through everything.

What a year! What are you grateful for from 2015? My next post will be a year in review so stay tuned!