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I have been working in my journal, even if I haven’t been posting. Here are 2 page layouts that represent the beginning of the year. I’m also rejoining the Journal 52 community and the prompt to say “yes” to something.

my mission journal page

This layout is composed of some of the practice pieces from the new art I made for the exhibit I have been talking about in my recent posts. I’m trying to keep my mission in mind as I am really struggling with depression lately. My gratitude journal is an important piece of my defense against depression. This quote of Maya Angelou has already helped me through some difficult days and I hope to live up to it this year. Thinking about how I can thrive really keeps my mind occupied in a healthy way. Expressing gratitude for my husband and friends, music and books, and the beauty that I can put on a page really help me turn a day around. I’m still having really dark moments, but playing with paint and paper and loved ones keeps helping me say yes to the wonders of life. Having good enough vision to really make all kinds of art is such a marvelous boost!

enjoy today

I am doing well enough, health-wise, to get back to yoga classes and I am SO grateful for that. There are a lot of layers of meaning in these 2 pages and not as much careful design on the left hand page. The most important component is the things that went into the making of my husband’s birthday card. I can not express how grateful I am for his love and kindness. He is the most generous soul I have ever known and I am so lucky to share my path through this life with him.