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rip david bowie 002

These journal pages include a lot of sketches and practice work. Also, I realized I had not marked the new year and I thought I should get that in here. I usually start a new journal with a new year, but I’m really loving this book that I am altering and I plan to stick with it until I’m out of pages. The photographs of Andreas Feininger are so gorgeous. It is lovely to let bits and pieces show through as I did on these pages or to allow the picture to help enhance my journaling as on this page layout from September.

This week marked the passing of David Bowie and Alan Rickman (Snape from the Harry Potter movies). Both were fabulous artists and I am sorry for their passing. What a wonderful blessing though to have lived at the same time as they did! I was fortunate enough to join my sister, Janine, to see David Bowie on the Glass Spider tour. We were somewhat disappointed because we were great fans of his earlier work, but I’m so glad we got to share the experience. Of course our favorite song was “Janine.” We spent many happy hours singing and dancing to Ziggy Stardust and his other albums.

In my previous post you saw the product of my thank you cards and this shows some of the progress. I really enjoyed painting the old book pages with watercolors. I used my Dr. Ph Martin’s watercolors first on wet pages.  I was inspired by some of the art I saw at the Eco Squared Exhibit opening.

gratitude inspired by eco squared 002

They dried a lot lighter than I wanted so I went in with my Crayola watercolors to make a wall of color on each page.

gratitude inspired by eco squared 009

I am really happy with the way the colors blended and pooled. These old pages really soak up a lot of water and are kind of fragile. Fortunately I have a lot of pages to keep experimenting on. I really loved how the thank you cards turned out when I cut out the letters.  I used a bunch of the scraps on this gratitude journal page layout. I also included a technique that I saw at the Eco Squared show. One of the artists had cut out areas of paper to let text or musical notations to show through. I, of course, had to add a layer (or 2) of color in my interpretation.

rip david bowie detail

I was so happy when I saw that I could have the words “drawing” and “circle” show though the cut parts. I was going to do some illustration on top, but I really like how it turned out with a simpler design.

My latest mandala is the antithesis of simple design. My vision has been good enough that I was able to make the kind of mandala I really love to draw – super fancy.

zentangled torus mandala copyright

Have a beautiful day!

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