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I really had fun assembling these gratitude journal pages and I hope they bring you some joy, too!

thrive tree 002

I already posted the watercolor experiments that turned into the “Thrive” page. That may be my word for the year. I’m really trying to make the most of my days. Both of these pages started with napkins from meaningful events. My younger son had a birthday last week and the other was a beautiful napkin that was part of a Buddhist teachings group I go to when I can. The elephant and the tree represent a story about the four friends that our teacher was talking about. It is about helping and being helped. It is fitting as I cannot drive myself much, especially at night and my husband and friends have been so generous with me. The “moon” behind the trees is a page of mandalas that I drew for a new coloring page. My vision has been so much better lately and I have been drawing so happily! When I was mixing the paint for the tree and the elephant I decided to use the layered acrylic paint from my pallet as an embellishment on the page. The black gesso background really resonates for me during the winter. It has a lot to do with finding delight in the darkness of winter.

Have a beautiful day!