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retreat scavenger hunt 002

This week and next week I am participating in an online retreat with Kathryn Costa of 100 Mandalas. I am really enjoying it very much and she has lots of fun activities intended to help participants live an Inspired Year. I feel like I am off to a really good start. It is not too late to sign up if you are interested! We are not yet halfway through.

These journal pages have a couple of layers to them. The first layer I did this morning. It is a practice called “morning pages” that Kathryn encountered from another artist whose name I cannot recall. The idea is that you write 3 pages of notebook paper full of whatever, but you have to write 3 pages. I figure this book is much larger than a notebooks and I tried to write kind of small. It is only day 1 of this practice, but I really found that I enjoyed it and it made an interesting background for the rest of the stuff.

The next layer is the mandala that I created for the February meeting of the coloring club. Here is my sketch and color auditions of a torus mandala full of love. The colored image is from one of the flyers for our club. We will meet February 4 & 18th. One of the participants in the online retreat used Tim Holtz’s Distress Markers for one of her mandalas and I really loved how it looked so I have ordered some for next month’s coloring club meeting. So excited!

The top layer is from an activity from earlier in the week. Kathryn directed us to go through magazines and cut out words and phrases that spoke to us and then see if there were groups or topics that arose from these selections. The left hand page is my more serious groups and they seemed to have some synergy. They have to do with social justice and race issues in our country, my health problems, working together, and the healing benefits of coloring. I like the juxtaposition of the issues of people of color with the current fad of coloring – it seems like there might be some healing that can happen here – I will need to think on this one some more.

The right hand page is a little bit more silly. I love the way found phrases come together to make “poetry” and it usually tickles my funny bone. Some combinations that I like on this page are:

Serendipity     Answering your questions

The promise of      Wonderful Wacky Women

The carefully crafted    artists in the village   work wonders

Get a move on!   add a little zip   Pops of color and pattern    In bloom

I liked putting “Seize the Moment” next to the dates for coloring club. 🙂

And I had to include “Need Warmth without overheating?” As a woman of a certain age this has become a VERY IMPORTANT TOPIC. Unfortunately, I did not buy the product that was associated with this phrase.

And what collage of mine would be complete without a cat so I included “I love cats” which indeed I do.

What tickled your funny bone today?