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flowers and faces 001

Yesterday I went to a painting party/fundraiser and painted my own interpretation of the painting. Here is a bad photo of it. The sample painting was of heart shaped balloons, but mine quickly became flowers. I’m going to collage in a vase and some leaves I think. I’ll let you see when I’m done.

flowers and faces 003 My friend’s daughter is very artistic but she was providing child care during the event and did not get to participate. I told her she could come over and paint with me today as her reward for being so kind about her service rather than playing during the event. She told me that she wanted help with drawing faces. I told her I would be happy to. I used to draw faces all the time, but it has been a loooong time since I drew one so it was a nice challenge. I included the face I drew in my gratitude journal for today. It was really nice to see her progress in just a few hours of 1:1 instruction. I was pretty happy with my sketch, too. I don’t really do realistic sketches/drawing anymore and it was nice to know that I still can.

For my morning pages writing (which I’m having fun playing with fonts and writing styles) I drew a Virtue Card from the Virtues Project website. I discovered this in the online retreat that I have been participating in with Kathryn Costa. I got “consideration” today. Great way to frame my morning pages and focus my gratitude journal entry. So much consideration in my life – I am so fortunate.

Have a beautiful day!