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days of the week and ornamentation 004

I love it when the book I’m altering offers a prompt for journaling. As you can see I took the title of “Ornamentation” to heart. This page also includes some impressions from other things I’m working on. The negative impression of the “e” is from the store window display I’m working on. That is what also led to the black circles on the pages. I was also inspired by the circle studies that Laura made over at CreateArtEveryday. The flower on the watercolor paper was inspired by Claudia McGill to make some small paintings on acrylic board and use the leftover paint to make some postcards. This flower is from the leftover watercolor paper that I cut to post card size. I actually went with 4×6 so they could fit in small picture frames, if desired. None of them are done yet, but here they are after the paint layer. I really had fun with the postcard from the #twitterartexhibit too and that gave me a jump start on small pieces.

flower postcards 001

So much inspiration to be grateful for! What inspired you today?