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Dam Camp was so much dam fun! It was an unconference and I taught art journaling and mandala drawing and took classes in understanding landscape art in its historical context, Raspberry Pi, and Bullet Journaling. What a fun impromptu learning environment. An unconference is when a bunch of people get together and spend about half an hour throwing out ideas of something they would like to share and you throw those into a grid to schedule everything and you go with what you’ve got. Ta-Da!

It was at the art center so I knew where all the stuff was and I was ready to start a new book so here is a part of it! I started doing some bullet journaling stuff in it, but that isn’t much to look at just yet. It was great to set aside a morning to get back into art and something other than packing, moving, and doctors.

The Very Good News:  Part of my migraine pain is from occipital neurologia. I have had a series of diagnostic nerve blocks and they have helped tremendously!!! I’m scheduled to have a more permanent procedure early in May. I have gotten down to a 0 on the pain scale for my migraines! It hasn’t lasted for a day, yet, but I’m really optimistic about the procedure. I have more hope than I have had in years.

Some more good news: we have accepted an offer on our house and our offer has been accepted on a house in New Jersey. It sounds a lot more simple and straight forward than it has been and I’m hoping it will be smooth sailing to complete the process. I’m hoping this will give me a little time between packing bouts to do some more art journaling. I have also started a really spectacular mandala but my eyes are acting up again so its on hold. I hope you have a beautiful day!