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map of peace 011

This week I worked on a scrapbook for my mom. It is of a trip that we took with my 2 sisters back to the state of Washington where the 3 of us were born. The different colored papers are leftovers from that project. So it the photo of the bridge of a boat we road on to go visit friends on the islands in Puget Sound.

I was also working on a map that I wanted to collage with no definite end in sight.

map of peace 001

It is one of the many maps of Wisconsin I have found in the course of my packing and cleaning and sorting that have become my life. There are also some papers from different times and journeys in my life. I tore up the papers and put it all together with matte medium and gesso.

map of peace 005

And I covered it with  a light coat of gouache and cut a few circles out. I included the circle that said “Welcome to Wisconsin” in my mom’s scrapbook and three circles int my gratitude journal. We have been having some delays and issues with the third house that we have put an offer on in New Jersey. So far my introduction to New Jersey has been a great deal of frustration so I REALLY needed to do some gratitude journal work.

The song on the facing page is Japanese Bowl by Peter Mayer

I’m feeling a little broken in pieces and in need of some gold to mend me. Making the map collage, the scrapbook, and my gratitude journal pages really helped. I would have included some gold leaf on the page, but I already packed it.

So here is to celebrating the crackpots! (That might not be quite what Peter had in mind, but it works for me)

I’m thinking about doing a gratitude challenge when I get settled in what ever place we end up living in New Jersey so make a post about something you are grateful for and put a link in the comments and we can get an informal start before I get all my ducks in a row. I would love to hear what you think!