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Janets tulipscloseup

I know what you are thinking. Is she saying that flowers are mundane or miraculous? Actually I feel like they can be both. We pass by so many flowers and don’t take note of them and they can become mundane in our busy lives. (Well, your busy lives. I spend a lot of time laying down quietly so I usually find flowers miraculous.) To see more miraculous flowers check out Cee’s Flower of the Day post.

That brings me to the truly miraculous in my life. Yesterday I had a greater and lesser occipital nerve radio frequency ablation done to the nerves on the left side of my head. Can I just say that the pain level of the recovery is actually better than 95% of my days over the last 5 years!!! The process was super fast and not a big deal – it sounds a lot worse than it is! I’m excited to schedule the right side and get on with my life!

This week what mundane and miraculous things are you grateful for in your life? Make a blog post about it and post a link in the comments. Practicing gratitude increases  your happiness and is good for your health so join in on the fun!