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evening walk 012

I’ve been playing around with the Tim Holtz Distress Markers I have been using on hot press watercolor paper and I’m planning on integrating my Inktense Watercolor Pencils with them and I was curious to see how they worked together and I used this journal page as practice. I was intrigued by the demo of them I watched on YouTube and wanted to try out layering colors and coloring on a stamp. I started out the page with a coat of gesso to get a nice white surface and then I did a little sgraffito of what I was grateful for from that day. It isn’t really visible in this photo but I kind of like that. Anyway… then I colored over the dry gesso with the Distress Markers in a bunch of colors to see how they mixed and looked on gesso. You can see in the bare paper areas around the gesso that the colors really faded on the gesso surface, but they did mix together nicely. I was also happy that I could use them on top of the dry surface both to stamp the flowers and with the markers and a watercolor brush to color in some fo the flowers and leaves. After that had all dried I used my watercolor pencils. The intersting thing was that when I went back with the watercolor brush the dry layers of marker did mix with the colored pencil pigment. Interesting that the damp brush did not pick up the first layer of marker when I was brushing around the new layer of marker. I don’t understand how that can work, but it makes me even more curious about using these 2 media together. On to my bigger piece to carry on the experiment. My migraines have been bad again so I’m back to pacing myself. I was feeling good and overdid it, but when I rest I feel better again. That maybe should not have all been one paragraph. I feel like I need to take a deep breath. Ah, that’s better. I hope you have a beautiful day.