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mondrian and celtic mandala 001

I have so much to be grateful for. I am no longer driving due to migraines and vertigo and sometimes that is irritating. Most of the time, however, I’m finding I’m spending time with my friends in new and different ways. I have learned who likes to go grocery shopping where and found some bargains along the way. I have gone along while my friend’s daughter goes in to her remote school for tests and she and I have had some great one on one time. I have become great friends with a couple who met in New Jersey and who have been so helpful with this transition. These are only a few examples of the blessings that have come from asking for help. One of the big ones is that I have been able to model for my mother how to live without a car. She is really struggling with this transition and I’m glad to be able to be supportive in a very genuine way.

So, some gratitude journaling ala Mondrian and including my Celtic mandala. I’m going to be playing with books I’m thinking about getting rid of. To upcycle in art or donate? That is my question. I may have decided to retain an excessive number of books for art, but that may help free me from feeling like they are too precious. What are you grateful for today? Who has helped you this week? Who have you helped?