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My migraines/occipital neuralgia make me very sensitive to light in a lot of ways. One that has made me sad is that dappled sunlight makes my migraine and vertigo a lot worse. And I love to walk in the woods. Yesterday I was recovered enough from the move from Wisconsin to New Jersey to go on an adventure with my husband.

walk across the husdson South

We went for a drive to explore what we wanted to see along the Hudson River. There are a lot of possibilities! He wanted to walk across the Hudson and I accompanied him out to this point. Another way light impacts my migraines is that this kind of abundance of sunlight has usually been too intense for me even with sunglasses and a hat. Well, all of my hats are in storage pods, so I tried it with just sunglasses. I was pretty happy to be able to make it this far. Tall bridges and vertigo are not a great mix and when you add heat to the mix, I fade quickly. I walked back to the information booth to gather information (oddly enough). A shaded picnic table was the perfect place read up on what else was possible in the area while enjoying a lovely lemon Italian ice. There are 2 art museums and a specialty glass store/studio that I made note of for another day trip. We also may come back to see the Vanderbilt Mansion. The Walk across the Hudson Bridge is The Poughkeepsie-Highland  Railroad Bridge and we had a mediocre lunch in Poughkeepsie. Next time we might try the Culinary Institute that is just up the road.

We traveled a little further north to the Falling Water Preserve on the west side of the Hudson south of Saugerties. It was a lovely walk and the path along the river was filled with dappled sunlight. I was so grateful to be able to walk along the path with my husband and enjoy the smell and sights of the woods. I didn’t make it as far as the waterfall, but I did get to this lovely bench.

Hudson wooded walk  bench

That was a pretty big day for me and really unimaginable before the nerve ablation surgeries. I’m still recovering from the surgeries and was so grateful to be able to be outside to enjoy such a lovely summer day.

What are you grateful for this week?