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We explored more of the beauty of New Jersey at the Delaware Water Gap. It was a pretty strenuous trip for me, but I’m so glad Mike talked me into walking to this waterfall. The thing about waterfalls is that they occur in steep places.

We got a little lost on some way-back roads…speed limit

The 25 mile an hour speed limit was hilarious. I don’t think we got over 10 mph. My cell phone photo doesn’t really do justice to the pot holes on this gravel road. It was beautiful but really bumpy and too much dappled sunlight. You may recall my post from last week about my migraines and light. Well… when you add no food and poor maps and information, getting lost was too much for me today.

Here are some more shots of our first adventure here at the Gap. We will definitely be coming back back in the fall.

gap  mike at mill 2

mike on stairs to nowhere

snake  toll bridge guy


mill river

It was a beautiful day to spend with my love. I hope you had a beautiful day, too!