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festival and claudia

I met Claudia McGill today in person. She makes whimsical and lovely art and writes poetry, too. On her business card she declares her humanity. I love that and may do that on my business cards, too. Although it is just recently that I have felt confident enough to declare myself as an artist on my business cards so I may think about some more. In any case, I also had a wonderful time at the Tinicum Arts Festival. She had a booth and when I got worn out from walking I sat and talked with her and her husband. My husband drove there and bought me a hand made broom to celebrate our new house. We sign the papers tomorrow and then the moving will resume!

I had an artist at the festival do a Mehndi henna tattoo on my hand. I have had a few encounters with Mehndi lately and have been thinking about incorporating the designs into my mandalas. Here is my cat lounging on the hotel bed and providing a soft resting place for my hand. I’m working on a mandala design inspired by this tattoo. Stay tuned…


That is not the only adventure we have had this weekend. Yesterday we explored close to home in Morris County. We went to the Stickley Museum at Craftsman Farms. We didn’t go into the museum, but we wandered the lovely grounds and came across this mystery berry. It looks like a raspberry, but the buds look more fierce than what we are used to seeing. Does anybody recognize them?

mystery berry

After that we went to Jockey Hollow. Living on the East Coast I’m learning so much about our country’s history. Jockey Hollow was were George Washington’s troops spent a cold hard winter. The location is quite idyllic now.

jockey hollow

Here are my latest mandalas. One inspired by fabric and the other by Mehndi.

mandalas 5 and 6

I hope you have a beautiful day.