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chartres labyrinth and grid

The storage box I’m decorating is coming along nicely. I’m working out ideas for designs for our shower curtain. I was thinking a labyrinth with some color but I don’t think so. This is my interpretation of my favorite labyrinth, from Chartres Cathedral in France. I was struggling with how to add some color to it without distracting too much. I don’t think the grid works for that, but it was an interesting first shot at a grid with gouache. I was inspired to do this by Laura at Create Art Every Day. Some things I learned with this first grid.

  1. Painting with gouache on top of collaged papers with gesso and matte medium create some unexpected and interesting effects.
  2. It is important when painting a grid to let adjacent squares dry completely before painting the next square.
  3. I’m not very good at waiting for paint to dry.
  4. I enjoy playing with watercolors this way and have some ideas for other grid fun.

The cats are still settling in after the move and don’t want me to be in my studio. The door to my studio doesn’t latch very well so they can get in here at will. I am smarter than my cats and I put a box of art supplies in front of the door and attached a string to it to pull it against the door as I leave. However, the pathetic crying of cats while I’m in my studio has me working in my air-conditioned bedroom instead. Here is one of my assistants at work.

9 of 100 with help

I hope you have a beautiful day.