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I’m such a geek! I love graph paper and planning out my space. In this new house the room that is my studio has a strange layout. Here is my sketch.


The room would be 25′ x 13′ if it weren’t for the staircase and the chimney in the middle. Also, it is the former attic so the ceiling is just over 4′ tall where it meets the outside walls. It is over 7′ tall in the center (where the obstacles are). So I have to put short furniture along the outside walls. This is one of the few times I’m happy to be short.

I have a 2 drawer filing cabinet that is wide rather than tall and I’m leaving it where it is. My printer is sitting on it – it will get set up when we find the cord. In addition to that I have 2 dressers, 2 book shelves, and 2 very different desks to arrange in this space. Here are the little pieces of furniture that I made to scale to play around with on my sketch.

studio floorplan

This weekend we are going to get the furniture in place and then I get to start putting things where they belong! I’m so excited! I think I’m going to put the pieces in my gratitude journal when I’m all done. What are you grateful for today?