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swallows draw a bird day

While the birds may be a little lost in the page,  I wanted to participate in the Draw a Bird Day with Laura at Create Art Everyday.

I heard a quote somewhere about the sky holding a memory of the shape of the bird as it flew and it was really beautiful, but I can’t find quite how it goes or the notebook where I wrote it down. These Swallows are my attempt to illustrate that quote. They are attached to a pair of pages with lots of gratitude laid down in layers. There is a lot of shower curtain development in some of the early layers. There is also evidence of unpacking. Part of the reason we have so much stuff is illustrated by the birds. They are made from the inside of envelopes. I saw some art somewhere by someone (again with the faulty memory)! and it included collaged pieces of different envelopes with the varied blue patterns and it was lovely. I Also included some prints from leaves from trees in my back yard. We have a little Japanese Maple, which is a tree I have coveted for a long time. Unfortunately it is not very healthy. I will do what I can to nurse it back to health, but I’m not optimistic. We also have a few lovely towering oak trees (another tree I have coveted). And they are very healthy. So much beauty surrounds me. I hope you were touched by beauty today.