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cape cod and dia 085

Dia: Beacon is an art museum on a different scale. Here is art you wander into! I really love the juxtaposition of these huge ellipses with all of the straight lines of the windows and ceiling. It would be interesting to see these at different times of day.

cape cod and dia 090

These pieces are by Richard Serra.

cape cod and dia 082

Louise Bourgeois: Maman

cape cod and dia 093

Dan Flavin  I love the interplay between the building and the piece. Lots of lines.

But my great love of this museum is Sol LeWitt. His art is frequently executed by other artists and I want to do some of them in my house. cape cod and dia 102

close up

cape cod and dia 105

cape cod and dia 113

This was the first work of his I had ever seen. I planned to do this in our guest room before I saw it in the museum. Now I have a few other pieces I want to do in other areas of the house.

cape cod and dia 115

Instructions, I’m not sure for which piece.

The old Nabisco factory that has become the museum has beautiful forms all its own.

cape cod and dia 097

I hope you can find or make some beauty in your day.