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This picture is a little wonky because I’m still working on getting a photo editor on my new computer, but I wanted to share my gratitude journal. I have been playing with the Golden Acrylics A-Z paint and media set for the last week or so and here is one of the results! This set was recommended by Laura at CreateArtEveryDay. I’m working on my illuminated box #2 as well and it is coming along nicely. There is a really nice mix of translucent and opaque paints in this set. The Golden Fluid Acrylics are my favorite at this point. The teal and the Iridescent Bright Gold Fine are on this page layout and on my illuminated box. The Iridescent Bright Gold really gives it an illuminated feeling. The teal is nice and opaque and so smooth! It mixes really nicely with other colors. I particularly like it with the open acrylic Phthalo Blue and Heavy Body Acrylic Titanium White for lots of shades of blue. These are featured on a grid on the box.

I hope you are having a beautiful day. What brought you joy today?