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Here is my gratitude journal entry for the last few days/week. I finished the grid on Illuminated Box #2 and submitted the whole thing for an art contest. I will post photos of the completed box when I get it back. I played around with some of the paints and ideas in my gratitude journal. I was going to add trees and/or flowers on top of the grid, but based on how this one turned out I decided not to do it at this point.


You may have noticed that this photo is cropped and rotated correctly! I have Photoshop Editor finally installed on my new computer.

My significant other generally inspires feelings of gratitude in me, but he really has this last week. I’m having a hard time with all the changes and challenges of the move and I’m feeling pretty isolated without driving anymore. I really enjoy spending time with him. Who knew that >25 years later we would still be having fun?! Plus sometimes he does thoughtful things like buying me flowers to cheer me up. That is why it seemed so appropriate that the “significant other” text was so much larger than the rest of the text.

We do have some wonderful friends here, too. We spent the day with them last Saturday. She got an extra subscription to a magazine and is giving them to me. I am using them to represent their family in my gratitude journal.

What or who are you grateful for today?

I did add some more details to the mail art that I sent out yesterday.