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This past weekend was really great. Saturday was spent at the Morristown Festival of Books, as you can see from the pieces of the flyer and schedule that I included in my gratitude journal. Hubby and I went to 5 different sessions where panels of authors were interviewed by other authors. I was excited to meet Naomi Novik and hear about her book, Uprooted, that is not part of the Temeraire series. I love that series and I’m looking forward to reading my signed copy of Uprooted! She had a fascinating conversation with V. E. Schwab and now I want to read her books too! I went to a Young Adult authors session and found another new to me author I’m really excited about – Meg Medina. Lots more books and authors and so many hours of reading to look forward to! Keep an eye on my Goodreads feed if you want to see what else I’m reading…

Sunday was a day surrounded with Unitarian Universalists. We went to the morning service and my husband had choir practice before it and I took that time to knit and listen. Then we came home for a quick (restricted) lunch and I went to my UU process painting class. We were painting adventure and I posted about it yesterday. After painting we had a more leisurely dinner and went to a Rosh Hashanah service at our UU church. I had never experienced it before. It was so wonderful! There was a point in the service when they talked about awe and I knew I had to include that in my journal. Also the line “the heart of the universe sings.” How lovely! It was a weekend of books and how fitting to finish the weekend with the opening of the Book of Life.

The background for this journal page includes pages from lots of books in a variety of languages (so the Rosh Hashanah program fit right in!) I’m working on Illuminated Box #3 and am using more collage materials to cover the box. I saw some collage art done on a background of full pages of text and really loved how it looked. I will update you later in the week as I complete a side or something.

What are you grateful for today?