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One of the things I like about blogging is the inspiration that plays out in unexpected ways. Here is an art journal entry that I am very happy with about the beauty of fall and letting go.


It was going in a different direction when I came across Amy’s Seeing Differently post. That led me to Robin’s Fine Art blog where she came up with the Seeing Differently October challenge. Because I encountered this challenge on the penultimate day, I took my own interpretation. Instead of photographing 15 different ordinary things over the course of the month I photographed 4 leaves that I had picked up this morning on 15 different ordinary things. My 2 favorites are the cats and they really aren’t just ordinary, of course.


I tried to use the same layout for all of the pictures, but Bonhomie was too interested for it to remain. Winston was more relaxed with the photo shoot.


And here are the leaves on a few tables, the piano, a chair, my meditation cushion and yoga mat, the bathroom floor and an orange towel, a black & white photocopy of the leaves and the leaves on top of that copy – cool shadow effect.

The final of my 15 ordinary objects was the dictionary page with the definition of Leaf on it and the 4 pretty leaves that I found on a walk with my husband this morning. I really love to see what pops out in the different photos and how the colors and textures work together. I hope something comes together for you in such an exciting way on Halloween!