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The last few days have been really difficult. I have thrown myself into art and music to get through. One of my African American sons was verbally abused by a stranger in a store today. Both of my boys are very concerned and so am I about so many things in their lives. Education, health care, and basic safety in a country that has elected a bigot and condoned abuse of the vulnerable. I am listening to We Shall Overcome and Imagine. I am donating to the Southern Poverty Law Center. The name is misleading. It has been working through legal, social, and educational channels to make the United States a better country.

“For more than four decades, we’ve won landmark cases that brought systemic reforms – toppling remnants of Jim Crow segregation and destroying violent white supremacist groups; shattering barriers to equality for women, vulnerable children, the LGBT community and the disabled; protecting migrant workers from abuse; ensuring the humane treatment of prisoners; reforming juvenile justice practices; and more.”

This helped me today and I hope it helps you. Lets work on healing.