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I love porridge. I used to eat hot or cold oat meal for breakfast everyday, but apparently that was contributing to my migraines and fatigue. Now I eat a rice porridge that I have cobbled together from lots of information I have found online and what tastes good to me. This is one of my 2 favorites. Be prepared for extreme yumminess and give it a try even if you don’t need to eat gluten free – its that good! So to start I take a cup of brown rice (not Basmati) and cook it over low heat with about 4 cups of cold water for about 2-3 hours, stirring occasionally. I make a batch of this about once a week and then I reheat about a cup of rice each morning. I fill up my bowl with sweet dark frozen cherries and almond or coconut milk and the rice and warm it in the microwave for 2 minutes. Then I add some pecans (or what ever nuts you like – I like to use the ground almonds left over if I have made my own almond milk). I also add some real maple syrup or real honey if I want it a little sweeter, but its great without sweeteners, too. I also add 2 teaspoons of fresh ground flax seeds and sometimes some coconut oil. Enjoy!

My other favorite variation on this uses frozen mango and coconut with coconut milk. This with a touch of maple syrup is basically dessert for breakfast. Goji berries are a great addition to either one. My usual porridge includes some frozen mixed berries and some of the other additions.  Any one of these is a great way to start your day! I’m gradually reintroducing foods into my diet and I can generally tell pretty quickly if it won’t work. I have tried some gluten free granolas that were ok, but I think I’m going to stick to my rice porridge and maybe have oatmeal for travel and emergencies. Food really has a lot to do with how I feel and now it is time for me to make a big batch of turkey noodle (gluten-free) soup. Bon Apetit!