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I’m doing oversized index cards as (one of) my art journaling outlets to share with the art therapist I am seeing. I have been doing this since mid-December so I’m way behind in blogging about art journaling. This may look familiar. I had another one that was part of the holiday card development, but I didn’t photograph it. The journaling part is on the other side of the index card, so that is a different way of doing this. I struggle with anxiety and depression and the holidays are difficult for me so some privacy with my journaling was nice. I have had a variety of therapists in the past, most of whom have been extremely helpful with the challenges I have faced. But working with an art therapist is so exciting! I look forward to my appointments in a new way and feel more connected to my art process. I highly recommend it to anyone!

Here is what else I’ve been up to and each one is influenced by the many art projects I have going right now. You will see more as I finish things, I promise!


Influenced by my acrylic painting classes. (above) Playing with acrylic paints influenced by The Creative Edge by Mary Todd Beam. (below)


Happy new year


I have a mixed media notebook that I’m using to art journal everyday and I will be sharing that soon!

Let’s make something beautiful!