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Last Sunday was our 23rd anniversary! We went out to a play on Saturday and to dinner with friends on Sunday. Also on Sunday people started bringing their pieces of the community mandala back. We got less than half of them back and I’m hoping we get a lot more this week. They used my Celestial Mandala as the cover for the order of worship. That cover is covering up a mandala that I started that was not coming together. I have too much going on this week to wrestle with it, so I added a more relevant layer.

I used some modeling paste on the left hand page and played around with different ways of coloring it. I used part of this Vogue pattern in the background of the community mandala and added it here. It interacted interestingly with the modeling paste. I think in the future I would layer tissue first and then modeling paste, but I do like them together. You may also notice I got a new White Sharpie! I’m working on using black and white for contrast in my pages.

I hope you have a beautiful day.