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This painting was practice using tints and shades of Cadmium Red Med. I really love this color. I’m not hugely satisfied with this painting and I think I will do it again. It is finished with a glaze and that is a technique I really like.


I really love this kind of abstract painting and will definitely do some more along these lines. The lesson for this painting was textured layering. I think today I may do one using some modeling paste in a layer.


I’m so happy with how this turned out even though for years I have not liked paintings of barns. This painting started with a warm toned underpainting that is covered with cool colors. I really enjoyed some of the old and new color mixes. The trees in the background use the green made by combining Mars Black and Yellow Cadmium again. The grey of the roof is made by mixing unbleached Titanium and Mars Black – I really like both of these colors.

I’m also having fun making connections to the text on the dictionary pages. This last one is epiphany, which comes from a root word meaning to make an appearance. The flower is on the page for distress. I should have known it wouldn’t come out quite right. 😉

I hope you have a beautiful day.