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Gratitude usually abounds for me in the spring. I love spring flowers. I love spring candy (even if I can’t eat it anymore) and I even love spring rain. Here are the pages from my last week or so. I’ve been painting a lot – both the small paintings and the backgrounds of pages in this journal so you will see more cohesive and intentional painting in the next few gratitude journal posts. The 50 small paintings book is due back at the library tomorrow so I’m going to hit the paint while I have it. I’m pretty sure I’m going to get it again to do justice to a few of the more complicated pictures I want to paint.


Some of this is progress on the community mandala, some is my 2 (fairly) new yoga classes that I am loving!!!! I’m trying to make to do lists again. I got away from them for a while but I love making and checking them and seeing them in my journal pages. Lots of green writing because I love green and life is so green and fecund these days. Breathe it in!