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I took over 300 photos and created a bunch of super fun art in the week I was gone. It will probably take me more than a week to sort through everything and share the highlights with you. The best part is that I’m now a Certified Zentangle Teacher. I will go into more detail about that, probably tomorrow. Until then I hope you enjoy these gorgeous trees that were at The Elms. It is one of the Newport, RI Mansions. I’m not sure which of these trees are Elms, but there were so many gorgeous trees at this place! These 2 were out front and were so tidy. I have a lot more pictures of the grounds and the inside of this place, so stay tuned!

the elms front lawn trees

I hope you have a beautiful day!  To see more trees check out Becca’s Sunday Trees post or Cee’s entry into the Sunday Trees challenge.