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On my way to the Certified Zentangle® Teacher seminar I took a little side trip with my husband. We went to the Hilltop BBQ in Moodus CT to hear a band called Someone You Can Xray on Saturday evening. Mike had met them camping last year and they were fantastic! They recommended that we check out Gillette Castle before leaving the area so on Sunday morning we did. What a place! On the way to the castle we saw this sign.

Gillette castle ped crossing grafitti

I really love this graffiti and it made me think of Cee’s Which Way Challenge. “This challenge is all about capturing the roads, walks, trails, rails, steps, signs, etc. we move from one place to another on. ” This side trip provided an interesting variety of a few of those!

The castle has the main building, a shelter called “grand central station” and up the road a little bit there is a pond with a lovely bridge. The castle is more strange than beautiful, but it is so very interesting.

The ladder to the roof mystified us. I’m certainly never going up there! The stone awnings for the windows were another interesting touch. We wondered if people climbed this castle with or without permission. These views of the castle also include the highly inconvenient and interesting vegetable cellar. I have reserved a few photos for my Thursday’s Doors post.

Here is the structure that was called “Grand Central Station.” I love the cat sculpture on top of the ramparts. The views of the Connecticut River are quite lovely.

There was a young couple having photographs taken on the bridge and around the pond and a few families enjoying this lovely setting. You can have a wedding ceremony at the park, but no receptions are allowed. I would imagine it is a popular place for all kinds of photography sessions!

This place really had a lovely selection of paths and stairs and ways to go from one place to another. I hope you enjoyed my tour of this odd gem. For more photographs of wanderings check out Cee’s Which Way Challenge.