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So here is the story of the wonderful seminar I attended last week. We checked in to the Providence Biltmore on Sunday afternoon and had time to display any artwork we brought and check out the Zentangle® store. In the evening we had our first session and it was a basic introduction to the Zentangle® method of drawing. We completed this tile.

tile 1

A tile is the name for these specially made 3.5″ paper squares that are made of high quality watercolor paper. They make it really easy to work with the Pigma Micron pens, graphite and tortillion to create beautiful designs. This tile teaches some of the basic concepts of the Zentangle® method and 4 tangle patterns. The patterns all have whimsical names and these are called Crescent Moon, Florz, Printemps, and Hollibaugh. I will be teaching this class at the Morristown and Morris Township Public Library on Tuesday, June 13th and would love to see you there!

One of the fun things we did was to place all of our tiles into a mosaic so we could see the variety of all our interpretations of the instructions. This is part of the Zentangle® method. It represents the 93 people who attended the seminar.

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On Monday morning we did another tile and learned more about practicing the Zentangle® method and some new patterns. This set up the stage for how we proceeded until Wednesday afternoon. Here are the rest of the tiles in the order they were created.

As you can see not all the tiles are the same size, shape, or color of paper. There are 3 different kinds of paper, but they are all good quality paper. We got to play with the range of products that the Zentangle® store has to offer. We also got to play with a variety of pens and graphite. They also offer some fun small tiles, called Bijou tiles, and triangle tiles called 3Zs. They allow you to make even quicker little bits of art or to play with components of different patterns to see how they can work together. All in all there was a lot to learn and a lot of classes that I hope to teach! I’ll keep you updated as I have things scheduled.

Here are my mosaics of my tiles from the whole thing. It was a lot of art and I wasn’t able to finish it all during the seminar. There are actually 2 that I haven’t finished yet, but here they are.

other shapes mosaic

main mosaic

I hope you make or find something beautiful today!