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Got a start on my Mother’s Day Cards.

a quick note

Added some Derwent Inktense to the Zentangle® Inspired Art. Not sure if its done yet.

After this I was really itching to do some collage. I’m going to do another painting redo. I got too busy to show you how my last one turned out.

The original painting from a class I took was a sunset winter landscape in shades of blue and orange/yellow – not really my style, but nice enough. I did some collage on top and then added a tissue paper mandala and did some embellishing and here it is. It is getting toward what I want. I learned a little about doing detailed drawing on tissue paper and then putting it on a colorful background – it gets totally muddled. In any case I’m counting it as mandala #40.

mandala 40

So here is the first step of my next try. I have a landscape that I started, but it didn’t go quite right.

landscape redo

So now I’m off to collage over this. I hope you have a beautiful day!