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I’m in love. With Narragansett, RI. I’m sure I’m saying this about somewhere after each trip we have taken to some new corner of the East Coast, but this place really resonated with me. And it had a fantastic restaurant with lots of gluten free options! We went there for 2 meals in the 2 days we were in town! We loved the Anchor Hotel, right across the street from the shore – I have some photos of that which will be included in my Thursday Doors post.

Narragansett crazy burger

A lovely shoreline.

A seagull (or gulls) who insisted on posing for photos in the atmospheric setting and on the hilarious sign (with edits) Click on photo above to read the sign. I thought Cee would like this sign and the benches.

Narragansett Foggy Shore seagull (2)

It is funny how my blogging friends come with my on vacation now, even when I don’t go online. I’m saving some door photos for Thursday Norm.

The most distinctive thing about Narragansett was the tower!

I hope you enjoyed your virtual vacation.