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mandala 41

Here is the metamorphosis of my collage.

landscape redo

I added some layers of paper and paint and was getting happy about it.

mandala 41 in progress1

I’m not super happy with what happened with the Dr. Ph. Marten’s watercolors, but I’m enjoying the collage. What I have learned from my other attempts is that I need the background to be more monochromatic for the mandala to show up clearly. So I added some white with leaves as a mask.

mandala 41 in progress collage

This is something I quite enjoy so I created my mandala on tissue paper.

mandala 41 in progress on tissue

I played with different colors on the paper and shading on the tissue paper. I am very happy with the result. Putting them together is always tricky.

mandala 41

I developed some tears in the mandala and I had been thinking about adding some flowers to cover the watercolor blobs, too. So I played around with making different paper flowers. A few rejects ended up in my art journal. I was happy with how my rhododendrons turned out so I put them together. I’m not thrilled with the final product, but I’m really happy with my learning curve and I’m going to put it on Esty and FineArtAmerica. So feel free to buy it or a print of it!

Thank you Cee for your flower photography reference!

I hope you have a beautiful day.