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dc 319 Beads of Courage

Here is my tile for the Diva’s Challenge this week. I used the tangle patterns Onamato, Snail, and Satsu. They represent beads for the Diva’s son who lives with chronic health problems. Here is her definition of Beads of Courage. She does this challenge once a year in conjunction with a fundraising Color Fun Run she organizes.

Beads of Courage is an arts in medicine program that helps kids with chronic or life threatening illness tell the story of their medical journey.  Each bead represents something different.  A different procedure or appointment, or special circumstance.  For example, when seeing a doctor or getting a poke instead of getting a sticker when they leave, they are given a glass bead for each thing.  (blue for doctor, black for poke… some other beads are yellow=night in the hospital, pink=respiratory support, magenta=trip to emergent care, teal=tube insertion or removal, rainbow=therapy; physical, speech, occupational…

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