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NYBC 2 17 adorable little building

We went to the New York Botanical Garden (NYBC) yesterday and it was glorious. This is a small, unidentified (as far as we could see) building at the rose garden tram stop. I will probably have more than one post about the rose garden. It was a sensual feast. So beautiful and fragrant!

NYBC 2 17 rose garden central arbor front

Here is my rose garden teaser. This isn’t exactly a door, but it is a lovely passageway.

NYBC 2 17 conservatory door behind Chiuly orb

There is a Chihuly installation going on all summer so the conservatory door is hidden. I’m ok with that. He is a glass genius. If you can see his work in person, go. To watch the light and environment interact with his work is such a beautiful experience.

Here are one of the side doors to the conservatory and the library door. If you are a door enthusiast or are just curious about the world check out Norm 2.0 for the Thursday Doors challenge.