Flower of the Day and Evening


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Last night and this morning I went to the Frelinghuysen Arboretum and took pictures of leaves and flowers. I like to see what the difference in light does for the photo. I also took pictures of my hydrangeas. These flank my front door.


Morning Hydrangea


Evening Hydrangea

I like how different these look. To me, the top one is about the interaction between light and blooms and the bottom one is more about the textures of the flower. I hope you have a beautiful day.


Eclipse Mandala

I’ve been busy!

Jeanette Clawson Art

eclipse mandala

This piece is inspired by the Diamond Ring phenomenon from the eclipse. I am submitting it for a show this fall at Alhamra Art Center. This is a repurposed canvas from a painting party fundraiser. Here is my original version of the painting – it was a bunch of balloons and I made them more like flowers.

painting party picture

And I added some collage and some Zentangles. I’m not sure it is 100% done. I kind of want to tangle on the gold, but once it is on the canvas it is tricky. Maybe tomorrow I will post the development of the Zentangle Inspired Art – Mandala 50 of 100!

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Draw the Circle Wide Mandala

I’m so grateful to have completed this large mandala!

Jeanette Clawson Art

Big Mandala 47 done take 2

This is the large (for me 30″x30″) mandala that I have been working on all summer. There are a lot of layers and I took some pictures of the process. I really became fascinated with layers of acrylic glazes and am making a partner piece to this one that is more focused on that technique.

draw the circle wide mandala in progress

I started with collaged dictionary and other book pages onto the gessoboard. I also included some stamps. Then I did about a week’s worth of journaling on the board and stenciled a quote from a song that we sang at the Unitarian Fellowship I attend. This song has really resonated with me and really captures some of what I feel about my mandalas.

draw the circle wide mandala iris layer

I already shared this layer with you earlier in the summer.

Draw the circle wide collage mandala layer 1

At this point what I was envisioning for the mandala started to change. There were a number of intermediate layers that…

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Gratitude: Home and Away

Stop on by and see a little of what I’ve been up to.

Jeanette Clawson Art

layers and blooms

This is the home gratitude page layout. I have started buying one stencil each time I go to Michael’s or to an art supply store. I’m so happy with this flower stencil I recently purchased. This page layout is strongly influenced by the large mandalas that I’m working on. The first one is almost done. I’m trying to decide if I want to add gold to it using gold leaf or gold paint. You can see my experiment in the places where the mandala shapes come together. The gold leaf is kind of messy and I’m not very good at it yet, but the color and texture is so much more rich. I may keep practicing. I just talked to the gallery manager where it is going to be shown and they have extended the deadline to the end of August. I’m happy to have more time to figure it…

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New Class: Mandala Meet Up

A new class opportunity!

Jeanette Clawson Art

Zendala 2MANDELLA MEET UP Offered through the Morris County Art Association located at

Morris County Art Association
10 Catherine Lane
Morristown, NJ  07960

Phone: (973) 267-1722
Jeanette Clawson

Zendalas® are small mandalas made on lovely die cut circles of watercolor paper. Zentangle® patterns are used to provide a drawing meditation to fill the circle with beauty. All materials will be provided. Materials fee $5.

Class # 624

Fall Sept 23, Oct 21, Nov 18, Jan 20, Feb 17, March 17 $40/$35 members per session

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New Class/Art Party Offering

New art opportunity!

Jeanette Clawson Art

I have been asked about creating art parties for birthdays and other special events and I have come up with an outline of what I would like to offer.

Art Party

What we would do would depend upon your budget and how many people of what age range would be participating. Each party starts with a $50 setup fee. The most cost-effective party would consist of me bringing simple coloring pages that I would teach the people/children to Zentangle® on and then we would color them. This would cost $7/ person and I would supply everything necessary. I have artist quality pens that are appropriate for children and other pens for adults that they would keep. The most expensive art party would include each person/child getting a Zentangle® gift bag that would include a pen, pencil, tortillion, and 5 Zentangle® tiles. These are either the basic 3.5 inch Zentangle® tiles…

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