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The challenge for Journal52 this week was television. I don’t watch a lot of television, but I like to knit or embroider while I do. So this first mandala was made while watching Castle, Idiot Abroad, and the movie The Fault In Our Stars – although that made me cry so much I didn’t get much done.


Usually I listen to audiobooks while I make art and I have been listening to the Orchardist by Amanda Coplin. There is something satisfying about working on an altered book while listening to an audiobook. Anyway, we learned this week that my younger son was accepted in the college he really wants to attend. So some of the text and symbolism is about that. The images are from last weeks’ theme at Journal 52 of  silhouettes – I really love them. Here is another image of my yoga teacher that I used as a mask. I am working on an altered journal as a gift for a young person I know and this page has the mandala where I was auditioning different patterns in the design.


And finally, here is a page that I started off the week with. I traced my hand and decided to fill it in with gesso. I really liked the way that looked on the page and I debated how and if I wanted to incorporate mandalas on this page. I used a variety of papers on the cover of the altered journal that I’m working on and cut out shaps from the leftovers and arranged them into this mandala that is being held in place by my hand. Then I started an experimental gel pen mandala. I’m having a lot of problems iwth smeary gel pens and layering with them. I tried laying down a solid layer of color with a gel pen and using it as a base if it would totally dry. The results were not great, but I am learning more about this fun media. They take longer to dry than I think.