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love 001

Here is my gratitude journal entry for Valentine’s Day eve. Yesterday was a day full of love for me. I had lunch with 3 of my BFFs and we had the opportunity to talk for more than an hour and ate yummy food. After that I was picked up by our Art Association director to help her with a SPARKS program. I’m not sure what the acronym stands for (feel free to google it and let me know), but it is a wonderful program! What we did was give some community members who have memory problems and their family members a tour of our current exhibit. The current exhibit includes art by Jesse Coraggio and Justin Behm. They are young men who grew up in Beaver Dam and went off to get art degrees from UW Steven’s Point. They show a maturity beyond their years in their art. We were inspired to play with watercolors and ink after touring the exhibit. We used white crayons to hide messages on the paper and learned about mixing colors and blowing paint with a straw and a hair dryer. We also added salt to our watercolors to see how Jessie got some of his interesting textures. After they were dry we used a variety of black pens and markers to highlight the negative spaces or draw shapes and words. Everybody was really engaged in the activity and it provided so much rich conversation. I really enjoyed partnering with Jessalyn, too. She is becoming a new BFF!

Today has been all about cats and art. The cats mostly were ornamental and watched me as I played with a lot of different media. I’m creating a window display for a fair trade store that we have in town and it has been really fun. At this point I’m covering boxes of different sizes with paper and gesso. They will display the days of the week when I’m done. Maybe I will take some photos of the process and the product!

What is bringing you joy this Valentine’s Day? Who loves you and who do you love?

Tonight my sweetie and I are having a nice homemade dinner and then off to a concert! Tomorrow we are cleaning at a Buddhist temple. Making mashed potatoes as an act of love. Yum.