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retreat dream wheel and cats 006

Here we have the journal pages that are leftovers from my dream wheel collage and a Zentangle tile all on top of my latest morning pages. It has taken me a few days to complete my Dream Wheel. It is for the online retreat I am doing with Kathryn Costa from 100 Mandalas. It is my vision board for what I consciously and unconsciously want in 2016. The 3 goals that I went into the project thinking about were to look at moving as an opportunity no matter where we end up. My husband is currently looking for work all over the country and as part of saying No to fear and worries in 2016 I’m looking at this as an opportunity for an adventure with my sweetie. The second goal is to transform the mess that is our storage room

studio before cleaning 2016

into my own sanctuary for creating art. The third goal is to continue to challenge myself in making art that is meditative and beautiful for me and explore some more commercially viable avenue of art, such as Etsy. My second set of coloring pages is almost done!

In the upper right hand corner of my journal page I have a Zentangle tile. I participated in the Diva Challenge for the first time in 2016, and really for the first time in a while. I stopped doing it when my vision challenges got to be too much and it was fun to just tangle on a tile with no other purpose except to make art as part of a community of artists! Check out other fabulous tangleations at


Here is a closeup of my Molygon tile:


Here are some process photos for the creation of my Dream Wheel.

retreat dream wheel and cats 001 I’m going to need a bigger circle!

This is why I always have cats in my collages, because they insert themselves!

retreat dream wheel and cats 004

Hey I could submit that one for Tummy Rub Tuesday!

retreat dream wheel and cats 005

One of our nicknames for this big guy is the supervisor.

retreat dream wheel 002

Here is my finished Dream Wheel! Surrounded by the beauty of flowers, here I am working, and meditating, practicing art and yoga, in a tidy studio with excellent storage options. This year I will go through a door with my cats, husband, and camera, full of creativity and friendship, all as part of the adventure. Opportunity is the word that kept coming to mind as I was finally putting this collage together. I have been gathering the pictures for quite a few days and I’m glad I didn’t stop the gathering too early! What a rewarding process and I hope that it continues to inspire me all year long!

What are your dreams for 2016?