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WordPress has kindly reminded me that I have now been blogging on Lunanista for 4 years. It started as an easy communication with a geographically distant friend and has become so much more.


This was the beginning of my altered art gratitude journal. I was telling my friend about my art journal and she wanted to see pictures and here they all are after so many posts. The first year I had 269 visitors and at first I was mystified about how they found me. Since then I have found some wonderful groups that have helped me connect with people who have similar interests and concerns.

mandala 41 in progress on tissue

My main Zentangle connection came from Laura Harms the CZT Diva, long before I considered becoming a CZT. And Kathryn Costa got me started on the 100 Mandala Challenge!

rose and sky

An early photography influence and the flower of the day Diva is Cee’s Photography.

artist trading cards

My new friend Claudia McGill turned me on to making Artist Trading Cards (ATCs) and inspired me with her painting and poetry.

Providence Biltmore CZT 27 letterbox

And most recently I have discovered others who are as crazy about photographs of doors as I am! Thanks Norm 2.0!

Want to hear something else that’s kind of crazy? I have had 1,679 visitors so far this year! I have been so grateful for this blog that started as a record of my gratitude and a way to deal with pain and disability. It became the practice ground for my life as an artist! Thank you for all your likes and comments. I appreciate every one. Please check out my professional art blog at Jeanette Clawson Art! Let’s make something beautiful!