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10 of 100

This is getting close to the design I want for my shower curtain! I’m going to make some collage, mandala design and color palate changes, but I’m getting close! We got 2 more relocation cubes of stuff and our little house is bursting at the seams. The good news is that we have all of the parts of our bed together, I found my kitchen knives and pot covers and I found my PAINTBRUSHES!

Here is how the storage box is looking so far. Do you think I should copy the top 2″ of the labyrinth side onto the cover? I’m going to store bed linens/hats etc. in it and have it in a stack of similar boxes in the corner of the living room. I’ll post photos when I’m done. I’ve been watching Small Space Big Style on HGTV when I need to take a rest to keep me motivated and inspired.

10 of 100 decorated box

Oh, I looked at what the Diva challenge was for this week and it was to use circles and the  title was “Running Round in Circles” which really seemed fitting for my art and my life right now!